State v. Eady

Category: Mentions Bitcoin

Relevance: Not particularly relevant to cryptocurrency
Type: Court Case
Location: Court of Appeals of Wisconsin, District I
Decided: December 22, 2015
Link to the decision: State v. Eady


State of Wisconsin – One of the many states of the Union.

James Lee Eady, Jr. – Bank robber.


On November 21, 2011, Mr. Eady entered a local US Bank branch, claimed he had a gun, demanded money, and walked out with approximately $1500. He was arrested and convicted of robbing the bank.


At trial, witnesses were able to identify Eady as the person that robbed the bank, and evidence was presented that the bank was an official US Bank local branch. Eady moved to dismiss the case arguing that insufficient evidence was presented to show that the bank was indeed a financial institution.

Relevance to Cryptocurrency

Eady argued that the bank was not a bank, because there was no direct evidence of the bank’s charter. In support of this argument, Eady argued that without direct evidence of a banks charter robbing something like Bitcoin could be deemed robbing a financial institution. The appellate court rejected Eady’s argument, and refused to engage in hypothetical fact situations. Accordingly, Eady’s conviction was upheld.

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